Land Clearing and Defensible Space Services

At Santa Rosa Junk Hauling & Removal Service, we specialize in land clearing and defensible space services in Santa Rosa. Whether you desire our assistance for fire safety or aesthetic services, we offer a quality experience from start to finish to save you the hassle of this challenging yet important work.

Santa Rosa Junk Hauling and Removal

What We Do

Defensible space is the land that forms a barrier between your home and the wild land beyond your property. Our job is to protect your home from wildfire while also tending to aesthetic and logistical needs. We are committed to meeting your needs, and we offer an array of defensible space services for you to choose from. These include but are not limited to cutting and management service of annual grass, vegetation management, landscaping and spacing for shrubs and trees, as well as removing fallen leaves, needles, branches, and other debris.

When working, we employ various tools such as chainsaws, axes, and more to clear brush effectively, efficiently, and accurately. We are well-trained and well-equipped. We can clear land for residential areas, construction sites, forestry, agricultural areas, highways, and more. In addition to clearing debris from the land, we also remove infestations and other unwanted objects. Our goal is always to thoroughly complete the task so that you have the clear land you desire.

Land and Lot Clearing

  • We have the ability to clear any size piece of land, even those seemingly impossible cases with years of overgrowth. 
  • Do you want to build in the future? We can help you create a blank slate to work from. 

Tree Care

  • We can prune and trim trees; both are recommended for the health, appearance, and longevity of your trees. A common misconception is that these are the same things. However, trimming prioritizes aesthetics, while pruning considers the tree’s health. 
  • In addition to the health of the trees, your safety matters too. Trees with branches too close to the home may become liabilities in the case of a wildfire or other natural events. 
  • We always consider the structural integrity of the tree, the tree’s appearance, and the safety of those who will live or work in the vicinity of the tree. 
  • We can turn unwanted tree debris into mulch. 

Tree Removal

  • We can remove trees for any reason- health, safety, or visual. 
  • We can remove trees of any size. 
  • Trees often interfere with yards, driveways, buildings, and more. They might also block your view. 
  • Unhealthy or overgrown trees may pose a threat to your home in the case of a natural event.

Fire Preparation & Readiness

  • Our team can assist in clearing the legally-required 100 feet of defensible space; this is crucial for wildfire preparedness which is especially crucial during the Summer and Fall NorCal fire season. 
  • Another way to prevent fires is to prune trees below a certain height.  

General debris removal

Santa Rosa Junk Hauling and Removal

Why Use Our Services?

Our services can help you in many ways. Of course, we can help maximize the aesthetic potential of your land. We can clear more space for your needs and ensure that land is ready for future development. On a more serious note, vegetation management is an important aspect of wildfire prevention and protecting your property overall. Let’s face it, California is no stranger to wildfires, which are both devastating and unforeseeable. We believe that your property is too valuable to risk. Let us give you some peace of mind.

Is My Property a Candidate for this Service?

Probably! We take on properties that are large and small. Any property with an unwanted, unnecessary brush is a candidate for our services. The majority of properties qualify, and our services will leave you satisfied with the knowledge that your land is the epitome of attractiveness and safe.

I’m Interested in Land Clearing from Santa Rosa Junk Hauling & Removal Service!

Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions. We can be reached by calling us at (707) 615-6900 or emailing us at Our team is ready to welcome you, answer your questions, and take the appropriate next steps. We hope to hear from you soon.

Max Thompson
Max Thompson
14:26 04 Nov 22
My bro decided to buy a new car and so we wanted a good company to quickly clean the garage and make us get rid of all the junk so that we can keep a new car there. He called these dudes and they came on time to clear everything. It was all set before his new car arrived which made his day.
Dimarco Cassidy
Dimarco Cassidy
02:08 30 Sep 22
I had to cut down my tree earlier this month and called Santa Rosa junk hauling to come grab the tree branches and the owner Zack was very kind and efficient.will definitely call again when I need to get rid of some junk
Katie Weber
Katie Weber
01:51 30 Sep 22
Very responsive and quick to pick my things up so I could be free of the junk in my garage!